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The Importance Of Temperature Control In The Chip Production Process
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As the country invests more and more in the semiconductor industry, the number of domestic semiconductor enterprises is also increasing, and the demand for semiconductor production equipment from production enterprises or scientific research, universities and institutes is also increasing. From the growth of the wafer to the detection of the finished product of the chip, the temperature control equipment is always used in the whole process of chip manufacturing.


The process flow and links involved in wafer manufacturing include: making silicon wafers in single crystal furnace,Oxidation diffusion carried out by oxidation diffusion furnace, Cleaning machine Cleaning, polishing the CMP equipment, Ion implantation, Deposition by sputtering target material, Etching by etcher , Lithography by lithography machine.


During this process, the equipment need to use temperature control includes: single crystal furnace, ICP-RIE, lithography machine, Plasma flush unit, Quick anneal oven, Vapor deposition(PVDCVD), Molecular beam epitaxy, Dicing saw, Die-bonder, Cryogen Probe Stations ,etc.


For the single crystal furnace, the appropriate temperature is very important for the growth of crystals, and there should be enough cooling water to cool the furnace body, heating electrode and vacuum system. Etching machine also needs cooling, whether wet etching or dry etching, if the temperature is not properly controlled, there will be incomplete etching, over etching, or drilling corrosion and other problems, leading to the failure of the process.


In dry etching, both plasma and ion beam etching need to control the temperature of the vacuum system and the reaction cavity to offset the heat generated by the electrode RF coil.


There are many similar temperature control requirements, such as: sputtering target material, electron gun, abrasive material, electromagnet, helium compressor, spindle, etc. These parts need enough cooling water to carry away the heat to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

Beijing WIIP Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of temperature control equipment. The scientific research team of the company is led by domestic well-known technical experts. Through continuous innovation, we have overcome a number of technical difficulties and developed a number of cross-industry technical application systems.


The main products and research projects of the company are: laboratory chiller, low temperature circulating machine, laser chiller, industrial chiller, double temperature chiller, metal bath, oil free air compressor, etc. And we can undertake the design and construction of industrial production line refrigeration, scientific research refrigeration system and other projects.


Our products have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, simple operation, accurate temperature control, rich interface, complete detection and alarm function, complete configuration, can meet the needs of various industries. They all pass the CE, ROSH and other international authentication , and have been exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia and other regions.


Through years of technological innovation, we has solved the technical problems of chiller in extremely low ambient temperature refrigeration in winter, extremely high ambient temperature refrigeration in summer, freezing point refrigeration, remote control, air compressor efficient water removal, air compressor automatic drainage and so on. We can provide high-quality products and services for all parts of the country.


In the semiconductor field, it is also equipped with a large number of chip manufacturing equipment, which is in service in well-known semiconductor companies and research institutes at home and abroad. And according to the special needs of the equipment for special treatment, such as: for some imported MOCVD, the cooling water should not contain copper and aluminum, and the use of deionized water. Then it is necessary to carry out special treatment on the plate change and other internal chiller pipe, to ensure that the use of MOCVD requirements.


According to the different customer sites, the products are divided into water cooling, air cooling, separation and other different use needs, in order to ensure the harsh requirements of customers on the dust-free environment. After years of exploration in the semiconductor industry, we have had our own product system and been able to adapt to different product needs. The quality and stability of the products have been unanimously affirmed by the customers.


As the country puts the semiconductor industry on a strategic height related to the fate of the country, a large number of imported equipment will inevitably be localized, from large lithography machines to small temperature control equipment, which brings a good opportunity for the development of domestic equipment manufacturers. Although the temperature control equipment is small, it is related to the quality of the product.


Beijing WIIP will continue to practice the spirit of craftsmanship, strive for excellence in the product, respond to the call of the Party and the people, and make its own contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream.