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  • 17 2021-03

    How to set High and low temperature alarm value

    This article gives you a detailed introduction of auwii how to set high and low temperature alarm value. I hope it will be helpful for you to use our high and low temperature chiller

  • 16 2020-12

    Unexpectedly this solvent recovery instrument actually solves the user’s problem here.

    In September 2019, the solvent recovery instrument produced by Aowei Instruments (Tongzhou Weipu) played a vital role in the tea extract determination experiment process of a large enterprise, because the intervention of this solvent recovery instrument not only It has helped the entire experiment to proceed smoothly, and also protected other equipment involved in the experiment, prolonged its service life, and virtually helped the company save costs. This is a win-win cooperation with multiple objectives.

  • 16 2020-12

    The difference between different freezing methods of industrial chillers

    Good cooling effect industrial chillers, industrial chillers that face different cooling effect what difference does it make?

  • 16 2020-12

    What should be considered when selecting a refrigerant for a chiller?

    The normal and safe operation of the chiller is inseparable from the refrigerant. So what factors should we consider when choosing a refrigerant?First, thermodynamic performance

  • 16 2020-12

    What are the cooling methods for the chiller?

    For the two-stage compression used to obtain low temperature industrial chillers, it is important to choose which intermediate cooling method is used, and the choice of cooling method depends mainly on the temperature of the exhaust gas.

  • 16 2020-12

    The cause of high pressure failure in industrial chiller

    The cooling water temperature is higher, the condensation effect is poor

    Conventional industrial chiller cooling water must be maintained between 30 and 35 degrees to maintain stable operating performance. If the temperature of the cooling water is high, or there is a serious problem of heat dissipation, the pressure of condensation will inevitably increase. Especially in many high temperature seasons, special attention should be paid to heat dissipation problems. Poor heat dissipation is very harmful to industrial chillers.

  • 16 2020-12

    How to maintain and maintain industrial chillers in order to achieve maximum efficiency

    What are the tips for maintaining and maintaining water-cooled industrial chillers? Here is the introduction for everyone.

  • 16 2020-12

    What are the four major components of an industrial chiller?

    The function of the refrigeration compressor is to draw the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator and compress it to the condensing pressure, and then discharge it to the condenser. The commonly used compressors are piston type, centrifugal type, screw type, rolling rotor and sliding type. Wait. The Dongyue enters the piston type compressor for the sealed chiller, and the screw type chiller uses the screw type compressor.

  • 16 2020-12

    How to maintain the water tower of an industrial chiller

    Industrial chillers are refrigeration equipment, so how to maintain the water tower of industrial chillers?

  • 16 2020-12

    What are the characteristics of the low temperature chiller?

    A low-temperature chiller is a refrigeration equipment that can reduce a cold-carrying substance such as an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol or an aqueous solution of calcium chloride to below 0 °C. So what are the characteristics of low temperature chillers?

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