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Why temperature control system is important for a Motor test system
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Motor test system is a high-performance test platform that specifically provides performance testing for the motor by providing the external environment of the motor: power supply, load, thermostat, water cooling system, etc.

MC series EV test temperature control system provides constant temperature, constant pressure, and constant current circulating fluid to the motor under test, and performs temperature simulation of the motor under different working conditions.

MC series EV test temperature control system  is a professional temperature control system based on the require ments of product performance, safety and environ mental adaptability in the new energy electric vehicle industry. It can meet the environmental simu lation, performance simulation, reliability and other professional test of motor, controller and battery package of new energy electric vehicle.

When selecting a temperature control system, according to the minimum temperature of the battery pack and battery module .

Simulate -40working condition, choose Mca series;

Simulate -20working condition, select Mct series ;

Simulate 5working conditions and choose Mcc series.

MC  series have multiple options,  the flow, pressure, and temperature can be controlled separately; with more functions of air blowing and leak detection.