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Auwii Instruments at the 2022 National Sample Pretreatment Technology Innovation Conference-Hunan Station
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Thank you very much for your long-term attention and support for AUWII Instruments! Our company was successfully participated the 2022 National Sample Pretreatment Technology Innovation Conference.At that time, Auwii Instruments brought the company's products to the forum.

The 48th National Sample Pretreatment Technology Innovation Conference in 2022 was held in Changsha, Hunan Province on July 15, 2022. Research experts in the field of sample preperation, testing institutions such as quality inspection, food, environmental supervision, disease control, biomedicine and other testing institutions, as well as analysis and testing workers and related personnel from analysis and testing institutions such as universities and institutes. The related problems encountered in the processing process and the most cutting-edge innovative methods of pretreatment provide effective solutions for the improvement of the overall efficiency of the laboratory and the control of labor costs.