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What Kind Of Knowledge Do We Have About The Chiller?
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The chiller is widely used in industry. In order to make the chiller use in the industry for a long time, what knowledge do we need to master the chiller?1) Regular nursed back to the month1. Check whether the voltage is normal or lack of phase.2, check and record the operating current.

The chiller is widely used in industry. In order to make the chiller use in the industry for a long time, what knowledge do we need to master the chiller?

1) Regular nursed back to the month

1. Check whether the voltage is normal or lack of phase.

2, check and record the operating current.

3. Measure and record whether the embossing pressure and temperature control temperature are normal. (The low pressure of the political party is 1.5MPa / the low pressure is 0.45MPa)

4, check the chain control circuit is not loose, aging.

5. Check if the oil level and oil temperature are normal.

6. Check and shorten the machine for abnormal sounds and abnormal vibrations.

7, refrigerant system testing.

8, the overall test and test.

9. Regularly check the quality of chilled water and cooling water. If the water quality becomes turbid and deteriorates, please change the water source in real time.

2) Annual nursed back to health

1. Drain the condenser (the reactor is run for six months).

2. Wash the cooling tower (water-cooled stacking operation for three months).

3. Check the frozen oil and smooth oil system and replace and make up if necessary.

4. Check and adjust the main motor circuit system.

5. Shorten the motor coil insulation test.

6, check the dry filter is normal, there is no infarction, replace it when needed.

7, check the amount of refrigerant, make up for the refrigerant in real time.

8. Check and correct the bump pressure switch.

9. Check and correct the temperature controller.

10, test run and total revision, test whether the superheat is normal, there is no abnormal sound of each part

It is necessary to check the following items for the first time:

1) Is the power supply voltage and phase number suitable for the model specifications, please refer to the nameplate. [Note 3HP above the frozen motor source is three-phase five-wire, voltage 380-415V/50HZ power phase line is divided into R, S, T, neutral (zero) N, the ground wire is two-color line with E hint There is a missing phase cover device. When the first time the power is turned on, the flashing light is not lit or the red light is on, and the fault code and the alarm number are displayed, the phase line can be replaced and the switch can be closed. The 3HP and below freezer adopts single-phase power supply. The voltage 220-240V/50HZ power supply phase line is L, the neutral line is N, and the ground line is E.

2) Whether the chilled hose and the cooling circulation hose are connected to the pipeline and the valve is opened;

1. In the era of installation, please check whether the machinery is damaged or not, and choose the appropriate location for installation and maintenance.

2. The site where the unit is installed must be the floor, the installation mat or the base, to a degree within 6.4 mm, and can encounter the operating component of the unit.

3. The unit should be placed in a machine room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3 °C. There should be enough space around and above the unit for general shelter work.

4. At the end of the unit, the pipe space controlled by the condensing condenser should be left, and the door hole or other suitable hole should be used.

5. Select the water pipe of the appropriate pipe diameter, the cooling system and the cold water system of the maximum power operation of the unit, and they are exactly adjacent.