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AC1600 chiller and AA530 oil-less air compressor won the honor of preeminent domestic equipment.
successively get 12 trademark certificates, respectively "Allway" and "澳维", "华澳维", etc.;
Launched a new generation of AP series module type;

Our thermostat Block got the IPR
We passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system review and addition

Our chillers and oil-less air compressors passed CE
We passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system
We got 3 utility model patents and 4 IPR
We moved to the new factory with 2000 ㎡
Obtain "national high and new technology enterprise certificate”

The project collaboration with Tianjin university got the independence invention patent certificate
We developed 3 big size high and low temperature machine testing on institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, that means Auwii entered a new area.

Beijing Auwii Science & technology Co., Ltd. was set up;
We participated in the national scientific instruments research the dynamic spectrum technology used in food quality and authenticity identification, is a new breakthrough of analytic instruments;

Our first industrial cooling equipment delivered to Hyundai Motor Company supporting for French equipment, expand the products range.

Our first Industrial refrigeration production line supporting for robot was delivered to AVIC, to further expand business;
Our first dual temperature pure water chiller delivered Ministry of Electronics Industry, company product technology, performance, reliability, reached a higher level;

Beijing Allway Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. was set up; Headquarters is located in Changping district, Beijing;
Our independent development supporting for AAS oil-less air compressor products are launched;
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