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Why the market price of graphite digestion instrument varies largely?
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compared with carbon steel surface sprayed with plastic, our unit case is made of stainless steel, and its surface is sprayed with fluorine, which has superior corrosion resistance.

Why the market price of graphite digestion instrument varies largely?

1.compared with carbon steel surface sprayed with plastic, our unit case is made of stainless steel, and its surface is sprayed with fluorine, which has superior corrosion resistance.

2. The special design for electrical system, independent sealing, which can better protect electrical components from acid gas corrosion;
3. We use isostatic graphite and asymmetric heating, our temperature is more uniform, can really reach ±1℃ at 200 degrees;
4. The overall placement of the sample rack can move the samples as a whole, without using your hands to take them one by one! 
5. The instrument supports wireless control mode, which can be used for remote control of the device through the mobile terminal, and the digestion process can be easily completed without opening the fume cabinet window to protect the health of personnel;
6. Optional of automatic lifting, samples can automatically rise and dissipate heat at the end of heating up, and the samples can be suspended to dry and observed out from Windows.